Season 2: Ep 7 - The Things They Don’t Tell You About Marriage (Part 2)

January 14, 2019

The drama continues in the second edition of ‘The Things They Don’t Tell You About Marriage’. We end Season 2 with our two couples, Muyiwa and Lola Olarewaju and Karl and Cassandra Lokko, sharing some of their most intimate marriage truths! We talk about bedroom antics - the wedding night and beyond. What do you do when you want sex and your partner doesn’t? We delve into submission, some of their worst confrontations, and how they know they haven’t married the wrong person on their hardest days.

Season 2: Ep 7 - The Things They Don’t Tell You About Marriage (Part 1)

January 7, 2019
For the first time ever Meet The Millennials meets ‘The Elders’. Premier Gospel’s very own Muyiwa Olarewaju and his wife Lola Olarewaju join millennial couple and Social Influencers Karl and Cassandra Lokko as our guests in the studio to talk about The Things They Don’t Tell You About Marriage.
With 17 years of marriage between them- they keep it very real about their challenges and learnings around communication, in -laws, roles, money and intimacy in their marriages.
Stay tuned for Part 2

Season 2: Ep 6 - Sex: Your Questions Answered

December 17, 2018

Anyone else agree we need to normalise the conversation of sex in the church? Well, we asked you to send us your sex questions and dilemmas and we thought who better to address them than Christian Sex Expert and Purity Talks Founder Cherlene Wilson, who has made it her mission to do exactly that. Great insights for us all in this one! We address lust, boundaries, porn addiction, communication and more. Enjoy! 


We want to thank all our listeners for riding with us in our first 6 months! The response and support has been incredible. We’re on a two week break for Christmas, we’ll be back  January 7th with our last episodes of Season 2, follow @premiergospel on IG/Twitter for updates. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! 


“For a child is born to us, a son is given to us. The government will rest on his shoulders. And he will be called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Isaiah 9:6 NLT

Season 2: Ep 5 - Parenting

December 10, 2018

“I still laugh when people call me Dad, I’m someone’s I always imagined this would happen one day, but now it’s happening it’s so surreal. I’m delirious without sleep, all the opinions and advice is just driving me mad, but I swear when I see little man smile, it pauses all my fears and doubts, and I finally get how God sees me....”

#IndiaMeetsGhana YouTubers Amit and Michelle Patel join us to talk about the highs, lows, rewards and challenges of millennial parenting.

Parents to their 1 year old son Ezra, and also with a baby girl on the way, they share their parenting journey so far- the fears, preparation,  sleep-less nights, raising mixed heritage and Christ-like children, and how parenting has helped them understand God’s love more.

Season 2: Ep 4 - Dealing with Bereavement

December 3, 2018

“I called her and said I think my Mum is missing...Friday evening the BBC News comes on and my Mum is amongst the two people confirmed as a family we’re thinking umm that’s my Mama’s picture on the that’s how we officially found wasn’t until the Sunday that the Police came around and confirmed her as dead...”~ Azuma Lebene


They say sex, finances and grief are the least spoken about topics in the church. Yet dealing with the loss of a loved one is almost inevitable for every person. We thought it was important to put the spotlight on grief. Our Guest, Azuma Lebene, lost her mother in the London 7/7 terrorist bomb attacks in 2005, and our very own Esther OG lost her best friend suddenly in 2016. In this episode we speak candidly about their journey through grief. Azuma’s long-time friend Kofi Agyemang shares on how he has learnt to support and comfort Azuma through her grief over the years; comforting others through loss is so sensitive, so we offer our experiences.

Season 2: Ep 3 - Sexuality and Abstinence

November 26, 2018

“My fiancé and I are waiting until marriage to have sex and it a STRUGGLE. What’s even harder is realising that the closer we get to the big day- the more I’m realising all the stuff I’ve internalised from the teachings at my church.  “Don’t! Be pure! Wait! Hands off!” “Guard your heart!” “It’s really not that great anyway!” “It’s great, but it’s not for you, unless you’re ‘burning’…then get married!” I guess I have grown up thinking I would magically become sexual when I get married but before marriage, my sexuality just has to stay dormant and suppressed. So how do I go from 25 years of repressed sexual Christian to Queen of the bedroom on my wedding night? 

Does God have purpose for our sexuality beyond sex? If you never get married should that dimension of you just be dormant? How do we express our sexuality as single or dating Christians practicing abstinence, should we and can we?

Love Limitless Founder, Ify Alexis Lee joins the girls in the studio to discuss, recalling her experiences before she got married in early 2018. Guest Presenter Faith Child shares his abstinence journey as a 29 year old virgin.

Season 2: Ep 2 - Youth Violence and SPAC Nation

November 19, 2018

I just went to another funeral. The boy was the same age as my little brother. His mother was in bits, his schoolmates looked traumatised and still I overheard some guys talking about revenge. I’m tired and I’m fed up of our young ones losing their lives like it’s nothing. I want to know how to fix it” ~ Anonymous Millennials

All year long we have heard about youth violence on the streets of London; with the death toll for homicides in London now at 121 people, a third of the cases involving victims aged 16-24*, we sat down with the Hope Dealers (of SPAC Nation) to talk about the situation on the streets. Pastor Nathan shares his past life of gangs and violence and the guys share what they think are the root causes and solutions. We allow them to address some of the concerns towards their methods and solutions (gospel drill, balaclavas and flaunting wealth) and get an insight to the work that SPAC Nation is doing to combat youth violence.

*The Independent, November 2018

Season 2: Ep 1 - Colourism

November 12, 2018

“I remember playing ‘kiss chase’ at school, and never getting kissed, I just thought I was a really fast runner…but then I noticed that all my mixed-race and light-skinned friends always seemed to get matter how fast they ran. I didn’t even really know how to articulate feeling inferior back then, but now it’s 2018 and there’s a word for why it seems lighter-skinned women are the pick in the playground, music, film and entertainment – Colourism. It’s cool though because now we have #blackgirlmagic right….?” ~ Anonymous Millennial 

Beauty bloggers, Breeny Lee, Lavinya Royes, Adella Afadi and Daisy Boateng kick off Season 2 with a heart-to-heart on Colourism. 2018 is the year the Twitter trolls tracked down all the colourists, bringing to the fore what dark-skinned women won’t tolerate anymore. We talk tweets, everyday examples of colourism, ‘preference’, the beauty standard according to men, why #blackgirlmagic’s legacy is our responsibility and how we uphold our beauty from society’s narrative with what the word of God has to say.

We’re baaaaaaaack! Listen in

The Millennial Hustle

August 18, 2018

“I said I wouldn’t take on anything else, because I am exhausted but somehow I just agreed to join the worship team.  I’m working long hours at work, church conference is in 2 weeks, so we’re rehearsing most days next week. Im still leading Bible study every other week, while trying to get my own clothing line off the ground, and this weekend I have my brother’s birthday dinner and Lauren’s bridal shower I organised. Right now, rest is honestly a myth! I don’t know how to say no and to be honest I like being able to tell people that I do everything...”

Millennials are known for doing the most, or at least wanting to be seen to be doing the most. You’re not living your best life unless you can provide receipts for every hour of your existence.

For the season finale of #MeetTheMillennials we speak to Rita Balogun about her millennial hustle -CEO of Radiant London, Radiant Events, Actor, Youtuber and Co-creator and host of Cre8 Bible Study. We all chip in on navigating the pressures to conform to doing the most, balancing our various plates, prioritising, being intentional about rest and making time for friends and family, and putting God first in and amongst the busyness. 

If like us, you’re still figuring out this ‘life in balance stuff’, this one’s for you!

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Season 2 soon come! 

#WeddingGoals: To Have or To Home ft Krystine Atti, Rian Formon & Cassandra Lokko

August 11, 2018

The glittery Snapchat filter you use with the mandatory hashtag #Ericaweds Reggie, #CongomeetsUganda, the coordinated outfits for the

50 strong bridal party to match the detailed centre pieces that are blocking your view of the coordinated dance battle, the named dance floor, photo booth, flower wall and light up giant letters....just a few signs you’re at a millennial wedding. I love that millennials are personalising their weddings and making it an experience, you only get married once right? But I guess my worry is have we become more concerned with #breaktheinternet than the weight of the vows till death do us part? According to statistics the average wedding in the UK costs £27,161. Wow. Gone are the days of the wedding reception in the school hall then? My friend said something that got me thinking the other day “these days it feels like you’ve got to pick between THE wedding or the mortgage.” Damn, it’s that real...” ~ Anonymous Millennial

Fiancés, Krystine Atti and Rian Formon join us in the studio to share what planning a wedding is like for a millennial couple. Is it actually the wedding or the mortgage? We discuss the pressures to have the wedding of the year and how to keep the main thing, the main thing. Guest Presenter, Cassandra Lokko spills the tea on her viral wedding #Lokkedin